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Come Pulire al Meglio una Cucina Laccata Lucida

La superficie particolarmente lucida delle ante laccate, rende facilmente visibili aloni, polvere, impronte e macchie, per cui quando si acquista una cucina con questa finitura è...

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Luxury Kitchen - Abu Dhabi

Frames, capitals, marble and precious gold details. All elements that characterize this newly installed Luxury style kitchen in Abu Dhabi - UAE. A special project, developed taking into account...

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New Showroom Opening - Bolzano Vicentino (VI)

We’ve opened the doors of the new Showroom Floritelli Cucine in Bolzano Vicentino (VI). A beautiful space which collects all the latest products, including a preview of Ares Collection (Collection 2018) that is packed with an incredible amount of PLUS that you will soon discover! Come and visit us, to see our latest news, even in the field of home automation applied to the kitchen.