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New Showroom Opening - Camisano Vicentino (VI)

We've just finished the work for the new flagship store Floritelli Cucine in Camisano Vicentino (VI). The store is managed by Abitare - Interior Design an you can find it in Via...

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International Fair Kiff 2014

Floritelli Cucine has taken part at the Kiev International Furniture Forum Kiff 2014 with the project Andromeda

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Luxury Kitchen - Abu Dhabi

Frames, capitals, marble and precious gold details. All elements that characterize this newly installed Luxury style kitchen in Abu Dhabi - UAE. A special project, developed taking into account the Classic and the Luxury canons. All without ever losing sight of the modernity of the lines.

The doors and the special pieces of the kitchen are available in different finishes. From the classic butter white with gold decorations, up to more contemporary finishes such as anthracite with silver decoration.