Assisi / Italy

La sede produttiva di Floritelli Cucine si trova in Umbria, a due chilometri dalla città di Assisi. La vicinanza con la SS75 rende l’azienda facilmente raggiungibile e logisticamente efficiente. La produzione è interamente gestita nei 12.000 metri quadrati di proprietà, arrivando a picchi massimi di produzione che possono raggiungere le cinquanta cucine giornaliere.

43°01’21.9”N 12°38’30.6”E

our skill / tradition and innovation

Progetto cucina

FloritelliCucine’s production ranges from traditional kitchens to contemporary design solutions. The utmost attention devoted to the use of state-of-the-art materials, technology and optimized fittings, is combined with a sound craftsmanship background to ensure a unique product control and customization.

Design e dettaglio

our skill / tradition and innovation

The quality of a product cannot be judged at first sight. It can only be appreciated by a continuous and regular use. Structural soundness, material quality, finish details and functionality are features that are fully understood only after spending some time in the kitchen. We conceive spaces where cooking is just one of the infinite number of possible activities. Floritelliintends to challenge time, together with you.


60 years of company history bear witness to the development of a kitchen concept that we’ve succeeded in transforming into a unique product.Today, our craftsmanship roots merge with industrial skills to ensure that our products are always innovative, in every respect.