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Venturing away from standards to develop new ones. In this project sizes
get harmonized by the increasingly essential shapes and natural materials.
6 + 84 + 2 = optimized thickness values to provide new proportions

Our Elite line features plain and seamless doors, where the wood’s inner flame takes up the leading role to provide 3D textures, such as the stunning Yellow Pine finish.

The doors of base cabinets go from 70 cm to 84 cm to increase cabinets’ capacity. Therefore, a second shelf can be added, but also baskets of different sizes and large objects can be stored.

By keeping the same linear footprint and optimizing the base’s height,
a 20% increase in volume is obtained compared to standard kitchens.

The column system, with the new H 229 size, is embedded in the kitchen’s architecture. The use of tubular, stainless steel handles with different centre distances creates a harmonious movement effect.

The predominance of base cabinets’ doors is softened by the thin socle and by the kitchen top that is not just a surface, but an important component that wraps up the cabinetry and defines its overall volume.