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Our Jenny kitchens have been conceived for people who love beauty, art, reflecting
and travelling. They are made for truly cosmopolitan people who also cherish traditional values.
Modern finish and accessories enrich the sturdiness of solid wood.

Every single component of our Jenny collection clearly conveys a contemporary feel. The clean lines of the stainless steel hood and the smart wood panelling bring light and elegance into the room.

Solid wood interacts with impeccable design to provide functional and modern solutions, such as the drawers featuring titanium handles. Our Jenny kitchens are a perfect blend of modern style and classic taste.

The limed oak version brings back the preciousness and sophisticated look of bygone days.
Past and present, classic and modern styles merge together to generate a perfect atmosphere.
The equipped islands make the kitchen look organized, spacious and dynamic.

The ingenious equipped island and wall columns embody the classic-modern concept by matching the warmth of a classic style kitchen with the functionality of a modern one.

The array of special elements, such as the niches on cabinet sides, frames and boiserie, allow for the development of unique and sophisticated layouts. The kitchen becomes a source of continuous creativity and opportunities.