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Our Seta Collection uncovers a new perspective on kitchen planning where all the components can be freely interchanged and integrated to provide a fully customized product.
The combination of columns, tops, wall cabinets and other elements help to create a well organized and spacious kitchen with a dynamic feel.

The open shelves that break up the columns soften the symmetrical design and produce a dynamic visual effect, while the built-in lighting, activated by the door opening sensor, provides the finishing touch.

The structure of the H84 base cabinets incorporates the open shelf bookcase that becomes a non obtrusive filtering element between kitchen and living room.Such a unique, striking feature works as a natural continuation of the worktops, offering additional storage space.

The collection’s distinctive character is given by a superb mixture of elegant architecture
and clean cut lines, complemented by the combined use of SuperMatt, Sherwood
and Yosemite finishes, which boast an exceptionally realistic 3D texture.

Cabinet doors have a black Yosemite finish, with the tasteful addition of lacquered open shelves.

The movable base cabinets feature push-open doors and self-braking rails.

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