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Minimal Classic - Carmen

Minimal reinterpretation of the classic lines of Carmen.   Progetto: Arch. Melissa Giacchi Foto: Luca Petrucci

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Contract St. Petersburg 2016

Floritelli Cucine is chosen as official supplier for kitchens at Hovard Palace. Located in the heart of St. Petersburg, with its 80 super exclusive apartment, the complex redefines the concept of...

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Floritelli Presents Ares Collection

Floritelli Cucine launch the new Ares Collection project and redefine modularity rules.


2019 is going to be a sensational year for Floritelli Cucine, a leading brand for high quality, made-in-Italy products, thanks to the launch of their AresCollection. The line establishes new design standards that ensure more room, greater functionality, and a stylish look in the kitchen. AresCollection is a so-called ‘democratic’ project where many technical and structural features are provided as standard equipment, so that anyone may be able to enjoy a product of the highest quality.

The depths of base and wall cabinets range from 60 to 65 cm and from 35 to 38 cm granting, therefore, a good 20% of additional capacity. Moreover, cabinet structures feature a textured 3D fabric effect finish. The shelves are equipped with a reinforced 3-cm aluminium profile to be provided in anthracite grey.

The collection includes smoked glass doors with a black aluminium profile for both wall cabinets and columns up to 267 cm high. The structure measuring 84 cm in height, combined with the standard 6-cm socle, may host 3 sequential grooves to allow for the installation of 2 regular drawers and 1 large one. Therefore, a 60% increase in total capacity can be achieved compared to traditional standards.

Ares Collection embodies a new, dynamic, and flexible way to enjoy the kitchen, as the new line stands out for its technical innovations and the wide range of finishes available. The special reflections of the ‘Metal’ series, the natural looking new ‘Sherwood’, or the textured and contemporary finish of ‘Malta’ are all complemented by solid colours and are available in three different finishes – ‘Fenix’, with its peculiar technical properties, ‘Matt Lacquered’, for surface elegance, and ‘Dust’ to provide a unique tactile quality.


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